The typical program is an hour in length and can be given in a theater or classroom environment. Whether you book just Jo, or a whole troupe of dancers, you can expect an entertaining and educational program about belly dance. Through performances, video clips, and interactive games students will learn some interesting facts about the history of the dance, as well as touch on some of the important questions we can ask ourselves about topics such as cultural appropriation and ethnocentrism. All of Jo's programming will be uplifting and motivational, embracing themes like body positivity and growth mindset.



Put Jo in a dance studio or the middle of the quad! She specializes in giving exciting and interactive classes to beginners! She'll help draw out the wall flowers and keep everyone engaged! Jo wants everyone to feel successful! All humans welcome!



Performances can be tailored to your needs and can include any number of dancers. Jo's troupe has wowed audiences of all kinds with everything from more traditional renditions of bellydance to interactive murder mysteries! Let's talk about what kind of performance you would love to see on campus.

Cortland Corset Factory

75 East Court Street, Cortland NY

3rd Floor

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