Who should dance?

Everyone! No matter your age, shape, gender, fitness level, dance experience … We welcome you to explore these joyous and challenging dance forms.

What should I wear to class?

We recommend wearing clean, stretchy layers that you are comfortable moving in. Some dancers also choose to wear a hip scarf or dance belt. We do ask that the studio remain a “shoe free zone”, though soft-soled dance shoes (such as ballet slippers) that have not been worn outside are allowed.

DO I have to show my belly?

No! It is always up to you which parts of your body are shown and how. But also on that note feel free to play with the attire you wear to class, does your outfit make you feel good? Wear it! 


Is there a dressing room available?


Can I perform? 

We will hopefully be having haflas on a bi-yearly or so time line this will give students the opportunity to perform. Please check with us for any upcoming oppurtunities and share your dance goals! 

Tell me about the boutique! When can I shop?

We have a small boutique of local artists in the studio please bring cash or check :) 

Cortland Corset Factory

75 East Court Street, Cortland NY

3rd Floor

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